Carl Hansen & Son

Carl Hansen & Son make some of the most iconic Scandinavian wooden furniture of all time. They offer a vast range of wood finishes which can sometimes be a bit daunting. To help you choose the perfect finish watch this video –

Possibly the most iconic design by Hans Wegner is the Wishbone Chair. Despite the chair’s straightforward appearance it takes more than 100 steps to make one. Amongst other things, the hand-woven seat consists of more than 120 meters of paper cord, watch how its done –

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Salone Furniture Fair – Milan 2015

Highlights from the world's best Furniture Fair

After many miles walked, many espresso’s drunk here are our highlights from Salone 2015 –

As always the Vitra stand was superb with a theme around their packaging almost like a warehouse, hence the many crates. New sizes (height increased by 2″) and colours on the DSW & DSR chairs due to people on average being larger since they were designed in the 1950’s.

Salone 2015 - Eames Chairs
Vitra Eames Chairs stacked high
Panton Chairs
Lots of miniatures – Panton Chairs
Jean Prouve - Vitra
Jean Prouve Sideboard and new upholstered Standard Chair in collaboration with G-Star

There was a new upholstered version of the Prouve Standard chair, adding ultra comfort to an already superb chair.

Salnoe 2015 - New Vitra Polder
New Vitra Polder Sofa sizes and Colours

The iconic Vitra Polder sofa has been re-sized and re-jigged with new brass buttons and fabric choices.


The SCP show was titled – ‘The Arrangement of Furniture in a Room’ and took place in central Milan. This was a cool show that had a collection of old Vintage furniture mixed with SCP’s new designs, a great mix and our favourite show.

Salone 2015 - SCP - Arrangement of Furniture in a Room
SCP – Arrangement of Furniture in a Room
SCP Show - Milan 2015
SCP Show – Milan 2015
SCP Balzac Chair
The old classic – SCP Balzac Chair
It’s always good to see the stunning Balzac Chair, love the Tan Russet leather which only improves with age.

SCP Agnes and Bertha Chair
SCP Agnes and Bertha Chair

Another classic on show was the Agnes Shelving unit, a firm favourite here at Cimmermann.

SCP Oscar Sofa
Oscar sofa covered in stunning Donna Wilson fabric

The Oscar Sofa looked very nice in this Donna Wilson fabric, really changed the look of the classic sofa.

Foscarini Lights

Foscarini had some cool new lights mixed in with the old classics. It was inspiring to see the Diesel with Foscarini lights, a new addition to our website, a favourite was the Fork Floor light.

Foscarini Lights
Cool new Spoke light from Foscarini
Chouchin Lights
New Chouchin reverse lights
The new Chouchin reverse lights made a good impression, the main light is finished in blown glass and the bottom of the diffuser is in the vivid colour.

Diesel with Foscarini Fork Floor light
Diesel with Foscarini Fork Floor light
Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon went all out this year, hiring an old warehouse in downtown Milan and turning it into – ‘The Cinema‘. As usual he didn’t disappoint with a stunning collection of new lights. A particular favourite was the Melt light, which looks totally different when turned on, it appears to become see through.

Tom Dixon - The Cinema
Tom Dixon – The Cinema
New Tom Dixon Spun Lights
New Tom Dixon Spun Lights
Tom Dixon Melt Lights
A Cluster of new Melt Lights
Tom Dixon cluster
A selection of famous Tom Dixon Cluster’s

The Italian Masters of Plastic didn’t disappoint again. An amazing collection of new and old products with a twist. The Neon Boookworm was really cool and the new Mat finish Fly lights were stand-out pieces for us.

Kartell Room set at Milan Salone 2015
Kartell Room set at Milan Salone 2015
Kartell Toobe lights in transparent
Kartell Toobe lights in transparent
Kartell Glossy Table
New Kartell Glossy Table with gold legs
Kartell Fly Light in Mat finish
New Kartell Fly lights in Mat finish
Kartell Bookworm
Kartell NEON Bookworm!!!
Salone Milan 2015 didn’t disappoint, always an amazing show with plenty to see and be inspired by. Hope you enjoyed the round-up of our favourites, here’s looking forward to next year.

The Team at Cimmermann

Salone 2014 Milan – The Fair

Salone furniture fair is over for another year. Here we bring you our favourite moments from the fair.

Punt had some really exciting new products. The Literatura Light and new Stockholm sideboards were particularly cool.

Stockholm Low Sideboard by Punt
Stockholm low sideboard from Punt new black metal top
Salone 2014 - New Literatura Light from Punt
New Literatura Light from Punt

For the first time Tom Dixon exhibited in the main hall at the Salone fair. His stand as expected was stunning. With clusters of Beat lights, mirrorballs and new furniture it was a feast for the eyes.

Salone - New from Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon new Gold Mirror Ball suspension lights
Salone - New Tom Dixon Beat Lights
New Grey Beat Lights from tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Cell Lights
Tom Dixon Cell Lights
Tom Dixon - the man himself
Tom Dixon – the man himself

Kartell went for a Precious Gold theme and it sure lived upto the billing. A collection of classics and new products in Gold, Silver and Copper Hues. Who should brush past us looking at his new designs, none other than legendary designer Philippe Starck.

Kartell - Precious Gold
Kartell – Precious Gold, Masters, Componibilli, Gnome and much more all in gold, copper or silver
Philippe Starck on the Kartell Stand
Philippe Starck on the Kartell Stand
Kartell new Masters Chairs
Kartell new Masters Chairs

Vitra didn’t fail to impress with some stunning new pieces from Barber Osgerby – our particular favourite being the Mariposa Sofa, Alexander Girard re-issues and new colours for the Eames Chairs.

 Vitra Mariposa Sofa by Barber Osgerby
New Vitra Mariposa Sofa by Barber Osgerby
Salone 2014 - New Shelving Barber Osgerby
New shelving from Barber Osgerby for Vitra
Salone - Girard new prints from Vitra
Alexander Girard new prints from Vitra
Eames Aluminium Chairs Vitra
New Colours for the iconic Eames Aluminium chairs

Amongst the hundereds of Italian companies stood out the quintessentially British brand SCP and what a breathe of fresh air it was. Re-issues from Jasper Morrison, new Donna Wilson, shelving from Terence Woodgate all very exciting. My only regret Whiskey was being served from 4 but I didn’t quite make it – next year hopefully!!!

SCP at Salone
SCP stand at Salone 2014
SCP Salone
New tables from SCP and Woodgate new slim design sofa
SCP and Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison first product designed for SCP re-issue

We has such an exciting time in Milan this year, keep your eyes open on our website for all the new products as and when they are launched but for now bye bye Milan 2014.

The Team at Cimmermann

Wallpaper Trends

We are a nation of wallpaper lovers here in the UK and our passion for printed walls shows no sign of abating. As the season for cosy night in and festive gatherings there is no better time to update your wallpaper, giving a new lease of life to your furnishings. Many of us see our homes as an ongoing project and adding a new wallpaper is a cost-effective and easy way to create an updated look. So, if you have been bitten by the bug, here are some key wallpaper trends to try:

~ Living Room ~
Comfortable tones and flattering styles that will complement your other design pieces never go out of fashion. Floral is back with a bang; from the many stunning examples of retro botanicals on display at this year’s London Design Festival London Design Festival to more feminine and elegant designs over a muted background. Well-crafted floral wallpaper such as our superb Georgia Horton Follow Me range brings a freshness to your home just as much as a vase of the real things on the coffee table.

You should also have a mind towards monochrome walls that will help your furniture and homeware to stand out. These Jocelyn Warner and Timorous Beasties are distinctive and opulent, whilst keeping an intimate feel. 

Pastels remain popular, as do stripes, especially big bold slashes that fix the gaze. We’ve also seen interest in themed digital wallpapers such as skylines or photographic imagery – these have a wow factor, but trends like this often come and go pretty fast.

Monochrome Wallpaper
Jocelyn Warner Cascade Wallpaper
Wallpaper Trends - Timorous Beasties
Wallpaper Tends – Timorous Beasties Diamond Agate
Wallpaper Trends - Classic Retro
Orla Kiely Classic Retro – Wallpaper Trends

~ Bedroom ~
We’re seeing a move away from feature walls in bedrooms, as people look to paper whole rooms instead, giving a more serene, holistic feel. In smaller bedrooms especially this can have an overpowering effect, so take care in choosing a suitable design that will enhance your space rather than close it in. Choose your print according to room size – pair small spaces with small prints and larger rooms can take a larger print.

~ Nursery ~
In the nursery you need to strike the right balance between stimulation and relaxation – imagery works well so long as it’s not too loud. Illustrated nursery rhymes are a charming theme at the moment and there are some delightful designs around from specialist retailers. ~ Bathroom ~ Whilst wallpaper and flowing water are not traditionally a good mix, there are many splash-proof designs around. For the smallest room in the house you really want bright, airy colours and to avoid anything that brings the walls closer together. Powerful, striking colours really make an impact, but more sedate designs are also popular. Bear in mind that because you have only a small space to work with, colour co-ordination is key here.

~ Kitchen ~
This is the room many families spend most of their time in, so it’s important the wallpaper doesn’t jar with any running themes in furniture, cupboards or cookware. As ever, look for hard-wearing, wipe-clean paper. Trend Watch

~Embellished Walls~
Embellished walls are coming through strongly at the moment. People are looking for more detail in their wall coverings, and paper can be a big player in this scene, especially with the advent of digital-printing technologies that are allowing designers to move in unprecedented directions. Look for intricate patterns that catch the eye, as well as depth and texture, to give your home a unique appeal. For example, 3D effect wallpaper may have seemed outlandish until fairly recently, but if you want to make a statement then this could be a great option. Think natural stone; wood; or tile, and linear geometric shapes like this fantastic zebra print from Neisha Crosland. Textured grass wallpaper is also a classic look that is being widely-tipped for 2014.



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