Crafty design projects for kids

Keep the kids occupied this half term with some crafty design ideas

It can be difficult to think of things to keep the little ones busy over the half term so why not try some crafting with these simple, cool creative projects.  Just reach for some scrap cardboard, tape and scissors.

Blackboard wall
Find a spot for a blackboard.  A full wall or a simple square or a couple of stripes….. get creative.  You can use it to practice writing, do some drawing, stick stickers on or all of these!


Milk carton boats
Recycle milk or juice cartons into cool boats for a boat race! Decorate with their favourite colours and start the race with some of their favourite toys at the wheel.  Follow easy instructions on
milk carton boat

Cardboard houses
Create a little den of their own either a collapsible version if you are strapped for space or create a couple of difference size versions to make their own tiny town.

diy cardboard house

Collapsible cardboard house full instructions on

Cardboard Bed
Whip up a cardboard bed for their favourite teddy or doll and if you’re all feeling really crafty make miniature bedding and cushions. Follow the simple instructions on


Miniature House
Get the paints out and make a mini house for them become the interior designer! Follow the instructions on
cardboard houseHappy crafting – email us your designs and we will put them on here –

The Team at Cimmermann