Salone Furniture Fair – Milan 2015

Highlights from the world's best Furniture Fair

After many miles walked, many espresso’s drunk here are our highlights from Salone 2015 –

As always the Vitra stand was superb with a theme around their packaging almost like a warehouse, hence the many crates. New sizes (height increased by 2″) and colours on the DSW & DSR chairs due to people on average being larger since they were designed in the 1950’s.

Salone 2015 - Eames Chairs
Vitra Eames Chairs stacked high
Panton Chairs
Lots of miniatures – Panton Chairs
Jean Prouve - Vitra
Jean Prouve Sideboard and new upholstered Standard Chair in collaboration with G-Star

There was a new upholstered version of the Prouve Standard chair, adding ultra comfort to an already superb chair.

Salnoe 2015 - New Vitra Polder
New Vitra Polder Sofa sizes and Colours

The iconic Vitra Polder sofa has been re-sized and re-jigged with new brass buttons and fabric choices.


The SCP show was titled – ‘The Arrangement of Furniture in a Room’ and took place in central Milan. This was a cool show that had a collection of old Vintage furniture mixed with SCP’s new designs, a great mix and our favourite show.

Salone 2015 - SCP - Arrangement of Furniture in a Room
SCP – Arrangement of Furniture in a Room
SCP Show - Milan 2015
SCP Show – Milan 2015
SCP Balzac Chair
The old classic – SCP Balzac Chair
It’s always good to see the stunning Balzac Chair, love the Tan Russet leather which only improves with age.

SCP Agnes and Bertha Chair
SCP Agnes and Bertha Chair

Another classic on show was the Agnes Shelving unit, a firm favourite here at Cimmermann.

SCP Oscar Sofa
Oscar sofa covered in stunning Donna Wilson fabric

The Oscar Sofa looked very nice in this Donna Wilson fabric, really changed the look of the classic sofa.

Foscarini Lights

Foscarini had some cool new lights mixed in with the old classics. It was inspiring to see the Diesel with Foscarini lights, a new addition to our website, a favourite was the Fork Floor light.

Foscarini Lights
Cool new Spoke light from Foscarini
Chouchin Lights
New Chouchin reverse lights
The new Chouchin reverse lights made a good impression, the main light is finished in blown glass and the bottom of the diffuser is in the vivid colour.

Diesel with Foscarini Fork Floor light
Diesel with Foscarini Fork Floor light
Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon went all out this year, hiring an old warehouse in downtown Milan and turning it into – ‘The Cinema‘. As usual he didn’t disappoint with a stunning collection of new lights. A particular favourite was the Melt light, which looks totally different when turned on, it appears to become see through.

Tom Dixon - The Cinema
Tom Dixon – The Cinema
New Tom Dixon Spun Lights
New Tom Dixon Spun Lights
Tom Dixon Melt Lights
A Cluster of new Melt Lights
Tom Dixon cluster
A selection of famous Tom Dixon Cluster’s

The Italian Masters of Plastic didn’t disappoint again. An amazing collection of new and old products with a twist. The Neon Boookworm was really cool and the new Mat finish Fly lights were stand-out pieces for us.

Kartell Room set at Milan Salone 2015
Kartell Room set at Milan Salone 2015
Kartell Toobe lights in transparent
Kartell Toobe lights in transparent
Kartell Glossy Table
New Kartell Glossy Table with gold legs
Kartell Fly Light in Mat finish
New Kartell Fly lights in Mat finish
Kartell Bookworm
Kartell NEON Bookworm!!!
Salone Milan 2015 didn’t disappoint, always an amazing show with plenty to see and be inspired by. Hope you enjoyed the round-up of our favourites, here’s looking forward to next year.

The Team at Cimmermann

Spring, add a little sunshine

Spring Interiors
Spring – brighten up your interior with our inspiring moodboards

Inject a little bit of spring sunshine to your home to make you smile and escape all the miserable weather, here’s a few ideas….

a) add a cluster of light’s with muuto’s e27 light
b) put some spring flowers in a beautiful muuto vase
c) inject a splash of poppy red with a vitra eames DSR chair
d) add a pop of colour on your sofa with hay puzzle cushions
e) arrange some bright colours on a string pocket

Add these simple but effective additions to your interior to make a real difference and brighten up your life!

The Team at Cimmermann

Eames Plastic Chairs – DSW, DSR, DAW

Eames plastic Chairs – DSW,  DSR, DAW

The Plastic Chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames are renewed versions of the legendary Fibre-glass Chairs. The original, which was the very first industrially produced plastic chair, was jointly developed with Zenith Plastics for the ‘Low-Cost Furniture Design’ competition organised by the Museum of Modern Art. In the current version made of polypropylene, these chairs provide even greater comfort.

Eames DSR Dining Chairs
what a setting and a beautiful set of Eames DSR dining chairs
Designed on 1950 and with its simple organic shape, the Plastic Side Chair now seems like an archetype of the genre of chairs whose shell can be combined with numerous bases. The selection of bases makes it possible to use the chairs in a wide variety of settings: from the dining room or home office to the garden.

Often copied but never bettered an authentic Eames plastic chair should be stamped with the Vitra brand mark. The shape of the shell is designed with the ergonomics of the body in mind and has a slight rock on it when you lean back making it ever so comfortable, you really won’t want to get out of it. The finish of the shell is a beautiful Matt finish and this year saw the launch of a new Basalt grey colour.

Eames DSR Vitra
Eames DSR with the Vitra mark of Authenticity on the underside of the seat
There are several versions but the most popular is the DSR – dining seat rod and is often referred to as the Eiffel Tower base. The base of DSR is available in chrome or powder-coated. A close second in popularity is the DSW base dining seat wood. This year saw the launch of two new base colours – dark maple and black maple.

Vitra Eames DSW
The stunning Vitra DSW with the Yellowish Maple legs

DAR and DAW armchair versions are also available and offer a more carver/armchair option. The full range of Eames plastic chairs are now available with seat upholstery or full upholstery.
Whether your a wood or chrome leg  fan the DSR and DSW are chairs with a real history and pedigree that only comes when great minds the likes of Vitra and Charles and Ray Eames collaborate.

Eames Palstic Chairs
Selection of the extensive range of upholstered Eames Plastic Chairs available
Charles & Ray Eames feature among the most important figures of twentieth century design. They boast accomplishments in the fields of furniture design, film-making, photography and exhibition design. Vitra is the only company authorised to manufacture their products for Europe and the Middle East; with Vitra, you can therefore be sure of owning an original Eames.

Eames DSW Chair
Eames DSW chair – fancy a swim!!
An Eames plastic chair is a true design classic and always remember – “Fight the Fakes” the original is a bit more expensive for a reason – design, quality, ergonomics and the knowledge your sitting on product that will look as good in 50 years time as it does today.
DSR certainly gets a thumbs up from the cimmermann team, they proudly sit around our ercol dining table at home and are truly loved!

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