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Wallpaper & Fabric from Scotland

Timorous Beasties was established in Glasgow in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, who met studying textile design at Glasgow School of Art. Today, the studio is a diverse operation and has emerged as a multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed icon.

Timorous Beasties’ work embodies a unique diversity of pattern, ranging from design that echoes a golden age of copperplate engraving (a time-honoured classic is the Thistle range; or Merian Palm superwide wallpaper) to example of a distinctly edgy nature, an elegant transgression, a display of chic irreverence. Yet, the studio fully engages a design discourse with textiles history by lending an aesthetic evolution to time-honoured motifs.

Timorous Beasties New York Toile
Timorous Beasties New York Toile

With their range of Toiles, by reversing the context of toiles de Jouy, they transformed the traditional toile device to create an exclusively modern urban genre. The New York Toile above is their newest Toile, looks great in the Red/Pink colourway.

Glasgow Toile
Unique and original – Glasgow Toile on an Ercol Daybed
Open Season by Timorous Beasties
Open Season by Timorous Beasties – Stags heads!!!
Oriental Orchid wallpaper
Rather racy Oriental Orchid wallpaper

The Oriental Orchid pattern is an extravagant 4 screen hand printed wallpaper. With the Oriental Orchid design, the organic meets the graphic: delicate orchids boldly intertwine with subtle print images from a Japanese Manga cartoon, depicting activities of depraved sexual appetite. 

Timorous Beasties Tree of Life fabric
Tree of Life fabric

Some of Timorous Beasties clients include Famous Grouse, Nike, Fortnum & Mason, and Philip Treacy. The Studio’s gallery of cultural design commissions includes the Edinburgh International Festival 2009 graphics and book covers for Penguin, Magna, and Granta.

Ranking among the Studio’s strong record for bespoke furnishing and installation commissions are the V&A boardroom, UK Supreme Court, Wellcome Trust, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Robert Burns Museum. Exteriors range from engraved stone cladding for Bristol’s Cabot Circus to the extravagant aluminium decorative façade for Princes Square, Glasgow. Christies, Claridges, the Inter-Continental Hotel Group, and Hilton-Waldorf Astoria rank among a heady list of our commercial clients.

Since forming Timorous Beasties have collaborated with some of furniture elite brands including  Ercol, SCP , and the design cult classic duo, .nobody&co.

Timorous Beasties are always unique and by incorporating their designs into your home or place of work will make sure it stands out from the crowd. If you want to see how their wallpaper would look on your wall use this clever tool on their website

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Brazil – Modernism

Its not only Football Brazil has to offer

We love the World Cup (well one member of Cimmermann) but it s not only football Brazil excels in. Their modernist architecture is stunning, see some of our favourites –

Paraty House’s two reinforced concrete boxes, sit atop each other, connected on the mountainside of one of the islands of the colonial city of Paraty and Angra dos Reis (between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), like two modern prisms between the large colossal stones of the Brazilian coast. The building projects outward from the mountain, almost onto the beach, in an 8m cantilever. The house finds balance in the topography of the land, creating an extensive open doorway and living space in the practically untouched nature. Paraty House features a furniture collection showcasing 20thcentury design, including works by many well-known artists.

Brazil - Paraty House
Paraty House located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Paraty House in Brazil
Paraty House – what a beautiful setting, it is reached by boat

Below is a selection of Modernist masterpieces.

Casa Cubo in Brazil
Casa Cubo in Brazil
Planalto House
Planalto House – Brazil Modernism
Moderism in Brazil
Love the Glass!
Outdoors merges with indoors
Outdoors merges with indoors, Tom Dixon Fat Spot light always a welcome edition
Eames Soft Pad by Vitra
Glass!!! Nice office chairs Eames Soft Pad by Vitra
Exotic Brazilian Jungle House
Exotic Brazilian Jungle House
Exotic Brazilian Jungle House
Love those beams!

Brazil’s most famous architect is Oscar Niemeyer, who is considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture. Niemeyer was best known for his design of civic buildings for Brasília, a planned city that became Brazil’s capital in 1960.

Oscar Niemeyer - the master
Oscar Niemeyer – contemporary Art museum in Brasilia
BG6TAT Alvorada palace, Brasilia, Oscar Niemeyer
The Palácio do Planalto, the seat of the Brazilian Government, in Brasilia opened in 1960
Claudio Santoro National Theatre in Brasilia
Claudio Santoro National Theatre in Brasilia

Hope you liked our alternative look at Brazil with its amazing Architecture and for all the World Cup fans – Come On England!!!!

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Salone 2014 Milan – The Fair

Salone furniture fair is over for another year. Here we bring you our favourite moments from the fair.

Punt had some really exciting new products. The Literatura Light and new Stockholm sideboards were particularly cool.

Stockholm Low Sideboard by Punt
Stockholm low sideboard from Punt new black metal top
Salone 2014 - New Literatura Light from Punt
New Literatura Light from Punt

For the first time Tom Dixon exhibited in the main hall at the Salone fair. His stand as expected was stunning. With clusters of Beat lights, mirrorballs and new furniture it was a feast for the eyes.

Salone - New from Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon new Gold Mirror Ball suspension lights
Salone - New Tom Dixon Beat Lights
New Grey Beat Lights from tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Cell Lights
Tom Dixon Cell Lights
Tom Dixon - the man himself
Tom Dixon – the man himself

Kartell went for a Precious Gold theme and it sure lived upto the billing. A collection of classics and new products in Gold, Silver and Copper Hues. Who should brush past us looking at his new designs, none other than legendary designer Philippe Starck.

Kartell - Precious Gold
Kartell – Precious Gold, Masters, Componibilli, Gnome and much more all in gold, copper or silver
Philippe Starck on the Kartell Stand
Philippe Starck on the Kartell Stand
Kartell new Masters Chairs
Kartell new Masters Chairs

Vitra didn’t fail to impress with some stunning new pieces from Barber Osgerby – our particular favourite being the Mariposa Sofa, Alexander Girard re-issues and new colours for the Eames Chairs.

 Vitra Mariposa Sofa by Barber Osgerby
New Vitra Mariposa Sofa by Barber Osgerby
Salone 2014 - New Shelving Barber Osgerby
New shelving from Barber Osgerby for Vitra
Salone - Girard new prints from Vitra
Alexander Girard new prints from Vitra
Eames Aluminium Chairs Vitra
New Colours for the iconic Eames Aluminium chairs

Amongst the hundereds of Italian companies stood out the quintessentially British brand SCP and what a breathe of fresh air it was. Re-issues from Jasper Morrison, new Donna Wilson, shelving from Terence Woodgate all very exciting. My only regret Whiskey was being served from 4 but I didn’t quite make it – next year hopefully!!!

SCP at Salone
SCP stand at Salone 2014
SCP Salone
New tables from SCP and Woodgate new slim design sofa
SCP and Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison first product designed for SCP re-issue

We has such an exciting time in Milan this year, keep your eyes open on our website for all the new products as and when they are launched but for now bye bye Milan 2014.

The Team at Cimmermann

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