ByALEX Furniture

Celebrating the beauty of Plywood

ByALEX designer Alex Swain says his ambition is simple – ‘Purity by Design’. All of his designs are functional, beautifully simple and exceptionally well-crafted.

Frustrated with throwaway culture, his ethos was making quality products engineered to last with considered design that is considerate to the Planet.

All the products are made in UK and Latvia using FSC/PEFC certified timber, sourced from responsibly managed forests.

K-S Bench
K-S Bench with beautiful plywood edge

Although design with Plywood has been around for many years, take the Eames LTR Table for example designed in the 1950’s, it has now become extremely popular and in our opinion for good reason. Plywood offers texture, simplicity and stunning looks and is relatively cheap compared to other woods. The¬†ByALEX range of furniture includes Benches, Tables, Desks, Stools and pushes the use of plywood design to the limits.

Eames LTR table plywood detail
Eames LTR table plywood detail

The A Stool is the ultimate cool stool. Perfect used throughout the home as a stool, small table, laptop stand or whatever you feel like. Made from plywood, its distinctive graphic style was inspired by the designers love of typography.

ByAlex A Stool
ByALEX A Stool
ByAlex A Desk in White
ByALEX A Desk in White – close up of the Plywood detail
ByAlex K S Bench
Close up of the K S Bench
ByAlex A Desk
The practical and stylish tilting A Desk

The packaging of all the ByALEX range is pretty cool too, using brown cardboard, the A Stools can even be carried around.

ByAlex packaging
ByAlex packaging – pretty cool

The whole range is very easy to assemble with the screws and allen key provided, watch below just how easy it actually is –

We are proud to say we offer the full ByALEX range, our favourite piece is the beautiful A Desk, whats yours?

The Team At Cimmermann