Barber Osgerby – Designer Profile

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby are internationally acclaimed designers who founded their eponymous studio Barber Osgerby in 1996 after graduating with Master’s degrees in Architecture from The Royal College of Art in London. From their first studio in Trellick Tower in London, they designed their first piece, the Loop Table, produced by Isokon in 1997. Much of Barber and Osgerby’s early work involved the folding and shaping of sheet material, influenced by the white card that they had used frequently in architectural model making.

With the Tab T light by Flos you can really see this. A quote from the designers – “The Tab lamp is a simple folded form, creating a visually pure shade that translates into a desk, and floor lamp.” The LED light used is one of the highest quality available and offers a great option for a desk, bedside table or side table.

Barber & Osgerby - Flos Tab T light
Flos Tab T light in black – simple and beautiful

A favourite new design of Barber & Osgerby is the Mariposa Sofa. It radiates an inviting aura of spacious comfort – and yet maintains a subtly understated presence thanks to its balanced proportions. The sofa owes its comfort, on the one hand, to the soft upholstery, which completely surrounds the sitter and prevents contact with any hard structural elements. On the other hand, an adjustment mechanism makes it possible to individually tilt the side and backrest elements for various sitting or reclining positions. The Mariposa Sofa does not openly display this function: the slim side and back elements can be continuously and silently adjusted, from an upright position to an outward angle of approximately 30° and back again. The resistance is calibrated in such a way that these elements stay in place when the sitter leans back in a normal fashion, but will adjust to the desired angle when intentional pressure is applied. This flexibility allows individual users to determine the position that is most comfortable for them. Thanks to the unusual depth of the seat surface, two people can sit on either end and comfortably face each other. Can’t wait to get one for the showroom, if you interested enquire with Matt now –

mariposa sofa
Beautiful Mariposa sofa for Vitra
Barber & Osgerby - mariposa sofa
Vitra Mariposa Sofa rear view
Barber & Osgerby - Milan 2014
Love the Pink sofa against the dark wood of the Planophore Shelving
Mariposa Sofa by Vitra
Flexible arms mean its easy to accommodate 2 people laid down on the Mariposa Sofa
Barber & Osgerby - Planophore Storage for Vitra
Planophore Storage for Vitra

Another favourite of ours is the Tipton chair by Vitra, it sets a new precedent in dynamic seating. Made from polypropylene TipTon has a unique leg design which enables the chair to be leaned forward so it gently stops in the forward position. This seat position has been confined to mechanical office chairs up to now but this simple device enables the hips and back to be tilted – thus improving blood flow. Tip Ton is formed from a single mould with no mechanical components – this makes it indestructible and 100% recyclable!

Vitra tipton Chair by Vitra
Vitra tipton Chair – love to be in this class at school!
Vitra tipton by Vitra
Vitra tipton looking great mixed with other Vitra chairs

Barber & Osgerby are fast becoming design legends with a portfolio of products and designs that are truly original and unique. We believe investing in one of their designs is investing in a future Design Classic.

The Team at Cimmermann