Muuto – New Brand in Focus

Muuto is a young company but already an internationally successful design company. Their vision is to keep adding new chapters to the already inspirational Scandinavian design history. This vision is emphasised by the name Muuto – inspired by the Finnish word ‘muutos’, meaning ‘change’ or ‘new perspective.’

Already firmly rooted in Scandinavian design culture, they hand pick the best designers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and give them the freedom to express their design philosophy when designing everyday home interior products.

From the very beginning, the two founders of Muuto – Peter Bonnén and Kristian Byrge were
highly ambitious and strived to have their products represented in leading design shop all
around the world. Today, just 7 years after the company was founded, Muuto’s collection
of furniture, lighting and accessories is sold in more than 1000 of the World’s leading design shops on six continents. And more than 50 new designs have been launched from around 30 leading designers as TAF Architects, Norway Says, Anderssen & Voll, Lars Tornøe and Louise Campbell, all sharing Muuto’s ambition of reviving the proud Scandinavian design tradition.

We pick some of the stand out pieces from the Muuto collection –

Nerd Chair

Nerd Chairs
Muuto Nerd Chairs – cool colours

While the appearance of Nerd is unique, the overall expression, material and craftsmanship all have references to classic Scandinavian design values. Nerd is a chair that stands out as a very personal and distinct interpretation of an all-wood chair. Muuto Nerd Chair comes in 8 beautiful colours.

Rest Sofa

Rest Sofa
Rest Sofa – comfort at a premium!!!

Rest by Muuto is one of the most comfortable sofas we have ever sat on. The relaxed form combined with the solid wood frame make the Rest a comfortable and modern sofa design. The Rest Three Seater Sofa is available in a number of fabrics and in a wide choice of colours. Sitting on Oak legs the Rest sofa oozes Scandinavian elegance and design.

Mini Stacked

Muuto Stacked
Muuto Stacked – great idea for kitchen storage

The Mini Stacked system by Muuto provides a storage solution with infinite potential.  Cubes hang neatly on the wall either individually or together, creating a stylish and functional storage system. Boxes can be clipped together using the clips. Mini Stacked is available in 9 different individual blocks and with 4 different clip colours – White, grey, Yellow and Rose.

70/70 table

70/70 table
70/70 Table – concrete and soft lighting

The 70/70 table is a study in geometric forms identifying the dimensions for a well-balanced table. It has an almost anonymous expression but with careful detailing. The table is based upon two cast aluminium squared frames with the dimensions 70 x 70 cms. The simple Scandinavian aesthetics balanced with the warmth from the layered wood adds personality to the table with multiple functions, from dining table to home office. 70/70 table by Muuto is available in 2 different sizes and 4 different colours.

Leaf Table Lamp

Muuto Leaf Light
Leaf Light in green – love this colour

Leaf Light successfully fuses together LED technology with stunning design. Depending on the viewing angle and how the shade is turned, Leaf table lamp will subtly transform its shape to create a graphic and leaf-like silhouette in the room. Leaf by Muuto is also available in a floor version. Leaf comes in 5 beautiful colours options.

Reflect Sideboard & Drawers

Reflect Drawers by Muuto
Reflect Drawers – love the curved handles

Reflect by Muuto owes its stunning and unique looks to the phenomenon under which it was envisioned: The natural light of Scandinavia. The four corners on each front have a unique thickness and curve that contributes to the light reflections of the drawers. Muuto Reflect is available in two different colours – Black or Natural Oak. Reflect has 2 drawers on the right hand side and 2 doors on the left handside.

To get more design inspiration watch this video from Muuto

We love the colours and designs Muuto use – sure you will too, view the Muuto Collectioin

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