Scandinavian Style – The Things We Love About it

Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950s in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Soft subtle colour pallettes are often favoured with oak or walnut wood finishes.

The Lunning Prize, awarded to outstanding Scandinavian designers between 1951 and 1970, was instrumental in both making Scandinavian design a recognized commodity, and in defining the profile of Scandinavian design. Since 2006, the tradition of a pan-Nordic design award has been resumed with the Forum AID Award.

The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all, is a core theme in the development of modernism and functionalism. This was realised in post-WWII Scandinavian design. The ideological background was the emergence of a particular Scandinavian form of social democracy in the 1950s, as well as the increased availability of new low-cost materials and methods for mass production. Scandinavian design often makes use of form-pressed wood, plastics, anodized or enamelled aluminum or pressed steel.

Some of the most influential designers in the Scandinavian Design movement included Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen, Nils Strinning and Hans Wegner. From the modern crop of design companies Muuto and HAY lead the way with their simple and affordable furniture/lighting designs. The colour palettes that both companies use are bang on trend but at the same time timeless. The soft pinks, greens and greys mix so well with oak wood.

Muuto and HAY
Muuto and HAY furniture, pinks, greys and greens

Designed in 1949 by Nils Strinning the String shelving system sums up Scandinavian design at its best. It is modular, simple, practical, affordable and comes in a range of beautiful colours. To think a design so simple still looks as good today as the day it was designed is a testament to design genius.

String Pocket
String Pocket shelving in Ash and White

 Gubi the Danish design house offer a real mix of Scandinavian classics by the likes of Greta Grossman, particular favourite is the Grasshopper Light. The colours of the products they design are truly Scandinavian and the furniture is mainly made from Wood. The earthy tones in the image below is Scandinavian to the core and is warmed up with the luxurious Walnut chairs and table.

Gubi Ronde Light
Gubi Ronde light and dining set – lovely warm colours
&Tradition Mayor Sofa
&Tradition Mayor Sofa in a beautiful yellow tone
Scandinavian Design
Dark tones, set off by the beautiful &Tradition Ice Chandelier

 &Tradition a Danish design company are real favourites here at Cimmermann. There mix of Design Classics by the likes of Verner Panton  and more modern designs by the likes of Benjamin Hubert make for an exciting company to look out for.

Scandinavian Kitchen
Lovely Green colour and marble top in this Scandinavian Kitchen. Image courtesy of Pinterest

Scandinavian Style offers simple and classic design, hope we have inspired you to go Nordic!!!

The Team at Cimmermann

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Design Boom – Forum AID Award

Our Favourite Homes from TV and the Movies

We often spend years investing in the stories of characters we love – their living spaces becoming our own. Here are a few interior design styles that we adore:

Don and Megan’s Apartment, Mad Men

Don: Let yourself out, lock the door behind you…as a courtesy.
Faye: You want to leave me here? You sure?
Don: I’m taking everything interesting with me.
Don and Megan’s huge, modern (for the 60s) pad is as intricately put together as every other Mad Men set. This is a place built for entertaining, with a white-carpeted sunken lounge; pass-through windows into the kitchen area; shagpile rugs and designer seating dotted throughout, as well as a huge terrace overlooking the Manhattan skyline. The set-designers have clearly had a lot of fun sourcing everything – the dining-table is a retro Danish affair, while many of the other furnishings are from American vintage and antiques stores, as well as bargains found on Craigslist, giving the apartment a very genuine feel.

Takeaway: An open fireplace with an interesting surround adds a lot of character to a room.

Image –

Home of Don Draper
Mad Men Don Drapers Apartment
Olivia Pope’s Apartment, Scandal

 “I imagined your place a thousand times. I like it. It’s very you.”

Few shows since Sex and the City have caused such a stir with their star’s wardrobe as Scandal, and you’d expect that attention-to-detail to carry through into Olivia’s apartment, even though she barely spends any time there. “She decorates for comfort. She isn’t that fussy.” says one production designer.

She may not be fussy but she certainly doesn’t settle for anything but the best. Olivia’s apartment is truly elegant, with calming pastel shades throughout, and beautiful arches and moldings based on those found in some classic LA apartments.

The kitchen, whilst small, is jazzed up by jet black tiles that contrast brightly with white cabinets, while attractive lamps are found on every surface, highlighting Olivia’s gorgeous furnishings even in the corners where the camera rarely focus.

Takeaway: Even though we rarely see it, the opulence of Olivia’s bedding has had online style-gurus in a flurry since the series began.

Her office is pretty cool too featuring some iconic Eames EA117 Office Chairs, a lady with taste.

Olivia Pope - Scandal
Olivia Pope’s Office – Image courtesy of

Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment, Sex and the City

‘”Beauty is fleeting, but a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park is forever.”

This iconic apartment is an extension of Carrie’s personality – warm, and busy, yet under control. The eclectic furnishings and well-placed lighting give every room a super-stylish, feminine environment. In a recent survey by The Daily Mail, Carrie’s apartment topped our inspiration hit list.

Everyone remembers Carrie’s magnificent walk-in wardrobe, essential for a woman whose shoe collection has been estimated to be worth $40,000, but the apartment has plenty of other memorable features.

The white-tiled bathroom gives a great sense of openness despite the perma-clutter, and her attractive kitchen, homely yet still Manhattan chic, gets far too little screen time. It’s so comfortingly familiar that when Carrie eventually moves out, it’s just as heart-breaking for fans of the show as it is for her when she paces around the empty space.

Takeaway: Sex and the City demonstrates how even apartments short on space can max up the style factor.

Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie Bradshaw apartment interior – image courtesy of

Holly Golightly’s Apartment, Breakfast At Tiffany’s

“If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name.”

Holly was the original independent girl about town, with the fantasy home and wardrobe, and the glamorous lifestyle. Her tiny apartment, in a 4-storey brownstone townhouse on the Upper East Side is sparsely decorated to the point where it looks as though she’s just moving in, or out, when in fact she’s already well-established.

The furnishings are minimal because this isn’t Holly’s home, it’s just another staging post on her life’s journey. If you watch the party scene for example, virtually everyone is standing. There’s no seating anywhere. But this lady knows how to work with what she’s got – when you’ve limited space, you need to get creative with storage. That means shoes tucked into the fridge, and suitcases doubling as tables.

Holly also displays a knack for furnishing her apartment on a tight budget – the charming white loveseat is actually a bathtub cut in half (furniture hacking in the 60s, love it!) and the cast-iron bed where she recovers from her hangovers, the cluttered dresser and fridge are all eye-catching pieces easily reproduced today in fantastic vintage styles.

Takeaway: Attractive movable frames, like the lattice one Holly uses to separate her kitchen and hallway, are a great way to maximise small spaces and keep room design looking fresh.

Breakfast at Tiffanys
the exterior of Holly Golightly’s apartment in New York image courtesy of –
TV interiors can be inspiring, hope you like the ones we chose to share with you.

The Team at Cimmermann.

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La Vie En Rose – The Pink Trend

5 Ways To Use Pink In Your Home

It’s getting cold outside but you can warm up your home this winter with pink.

No longer the domain of Laura Ashley florals, the pink trend can add a contemporary pop of colour to your home and is a major trend right now. Designers have filled the catwalks for autumn with pink and this super-flattering shade works just as well as in the home. Some of our favourite designers like Vitra and SCP are featuring pink – demonstrating that pink can ooze style and sophistication.

Mood lifting shade
Pink is not just for girls, “Pink is a feel-good colour” says New York designer Katie Ridder. As well as being a cheerful, happy shade, it is also an extremely flattering colour – a pink room will flatter all skin tones. As far as style goes, pink can work in most surroundings – from pared back Scandinavian style (check out My Scandinavian Home blog) to a more opulent, boudoir style room. Here are five ways you can light up your home this autumn with a wink to the pink trend.

1. Pick a pink wall
Pink is a restful colour, even in its most vibrant shade. On walls, select a pastel, rose or mid pink shade. A soft pink wall with white and wooden furnishings in front of it is a dreamy and peaceful combination.

Pastel Pink Wall
Pastel Pink Living room courtesy of
Pink Wall
Pink Wall and Pink Nerd Chair by Muuto image courtesy of

2. 50 shades of pink
Pick your shade carefully. In the right hands, pink can be strong and authoratitive. Avoid the princess-favoured bubble gum hue and go for a matt or pastel shade and work in more masculine ad earthy tones to get the right balance. We love pink mixed with chocolate, most shades of grey, pastels and white.

Cool Pink Wall
Love this modernist room with a cool Pink wall. Image courtesy of

3. Pink accessories
If you just want to flash a bit of pink – go for the hottest colour you can. Jewel pink and neon look modern and eclectic when mixed with white and other bright colours. Our favourite picks include these SCP cushions and this Hay colour block bed linen in pink.

Pink Shade, SCP Nos Da cushions
SCP Nos Da Cushions by Donna Wilson

4. A statement piece
A pink chair in all shades looks inviting and sumptuous. Be brave and opt for a pink sofa or armchair. Pink also mixes with fabrics and textures well – Vitra Slow Chair designed by the Bouroullec Brothers in pink woven wool offers a modern and different statement piece.

Vitra Slow Chair
Vitra Slow Chair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

5. Wallpaper
If you don’t want to brave an all-over shade, try a patterned wallpaper with a pink tone. We love this Timorous Beasties London Toile wallpaper in Red & Pink.

London Toile by Timorous Beasties
Pink Tones – Timorous Beasties London Toile Wallpaper

Think pink and have fun experimenting.

The team at Cimmermann