Best Of British Design

Plumen, Conran, SCP .......

We are proud at Cimmermann to showcase some of the very best British brands and designers, here are some of our favourites –

Content By Conran

The brainchild of design guru Terence Conran, Content By Conran makes functional and affordable furniture including tables, storage and sofas. Established in 2003 with the ethos –

“We believe thoughtful design really does improve the quality of our lives.”

Since then the collection has grown, our favourite piece is by designer Russell PinchWave sideboard.

Conran designs
Conran designs – Balance, Pillowtalk and Wave
Wave Sideboard
Curvy lines of the Wave Sideboard
Wave collection
Wave collection by Russell Pinch
Conran designs
Conran designs – Balance, Pillowtalk and Wave


SCP was founded in 1985 by Sheridan Coakley as a manufacturer and retailer of modern furniture. Inspired by the designs of the Modern Movement, Coakley decided to start selling classic and hard to find pieces and also try his hand a producing new designs in the same spirit. Nearly three decades on, SCP remains true to its founding idea, to make and sell design products that are functional, beautiful and made to last. The stand out pieces are the Balzac Chair, Agnes Shelving and Oscar Sofa.

Balzac Chair
Components that make up the iconic Balzac Chair
SCP Oscar Sofa
SCP Oscar Sofa – beautiful house


Plumen are the creators of the world’s first designer low energy light bulbs. They have taken a familiar, existing design and transformed it into something unique. The energy efficient light bulb is now a desirable object to show and enjoy and truly make a feature of. Launched in 2010 the company now has a wide selection of pendant lights available.

Plumen Chandelier
Plumen Chandelier
Plumen Drop Top Suspension Light
Plumen Drop Top Suspension Light in Amber
Plumen Drop Cap Fitting in Copper
Plumen Drop Cap Fitting in Copper

Terence Woodgate

Woodgate became a Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) in 2003 and has received several international design awards since. His work with Punt Mobles and SCP among others and now his own lighting range is all very unique and has its own distinct style. He says about his own lighting brand started in 2014 –

“I have always been considered obsessive in the way I design; now I have the opportunity to influence every single aspect of the final product right down to the instructions and the box. It is simply fueled by a desire to make the whole experience more pertinent and beautiful.”

Punt Tactile Sideboard designed by Terence Woodgate
Punt Tactile Sideboard designed by Terence Woodgate
Woodgate Solid Light
Solid Light in Nero marble
SCP Parrallel Shelivng
Simple SCP Parallel Shelving

Matthew Hilton

Matthew Hilton’s designs ooze quality and have timeless appeal. He has worked with many of the furniture world’s premier companies over the years including SCP, De La Espada, Case Furniture among many others. Born in 1957, Hilton studied at Portsmouth College of Art and then at Kingston Polytechnic.  He set up his own design studio/workshop in 1984. SCP was the first manufacturer to produce Hilton’s work, launching Hilton’s Bow shelves at Milan Furniture Fair in 1986. His standout pieces are the iconic Balzac Chair and the Oscar Sofa.

Oscar Sofa
Turned Leg detail of the beautiful Oscar Sofa

If you want to see more of the Best Of British design get down to London for the London Design Festival between 19th and the 27th September – hope to see you there.

The Team at Cimmermann