La Vie En Rose – The Pink Trend

5 Ways To Use Pink In Your Home

It’s getting cold outside but you can warm up your home this winter with pink.

No longer the domain of Laura Ashley florals, the pink trend can add a contemporary pop of colour to your home and is a major trend right now. Designers have filled the catwalks for autumn with pink and this super-flattering shade works just as well as in the home. Some of our favourite designers like Vitra and SCP are featuring pink – demonstrating that pink can ooze style and sophistication.

Mood lifting shade
Pink is not just for girls, “Pink is a feel-good colour” says New York designer Katie Ridder. As well as being a cheerful, happy shade, it is also an extremely flattering colour – a pink room will flatter all skin tones. As far as style goes, pink can work in most surroundings – from pared back Scandinavian style (check out My Scandinavian Home blog) to a more opulent, boudoir style room. Here are five ways you can light up your home this autumn with a wink to the pink trend.

1. Pick a pink wall
Pink is a restful colour, even in its most vibrant shade. On walls, select a pastel, rose or mid pink shade. A soft pink wall with white and wooden furnishings in front of it is a dreamy and peaceful combination.

Pastel Pink Wall
Pastel Pink Living room courtesy of
Pink Wall
Pink Wall and Pink Nerd Chair by Muuto image courtesy of

2. 50 shades of pink
Pick your shade carefully. In the right hands, pink can be strong and authoratitive. Avoid the princess-favoured bubble gum hue and go for a matt or pastel shade and work in more masculine ad earthy tones to get the right balance. We love pink mixed with chocolate, most shades of grey, pastels and white.

Cool Pink Wall
Love this modernist room with a cool Pink wall. Image courtesy of

3. Pink accessories
If you just want to flash a bit of pink – go for the hottest colour you can. Jewel pink and neon look modern and eclectic when mixed with white and other bright colours. Our favourite picks include these SCP cushions and this Hay colour block bed linen in pink.

Pink Shade, SCP Nos Da cushions
SCP Nos Da Cushions by Donna Wilson

4. A statement piece
A pink chair in all shades looks inviting and sumptuous. Be brave and opt for a pink sofa or armchair. Pink also mixes with fabrics and textures well – Vitra Slow Chair designed by the Bouroullec Brothers in pink woven wool offers a modern and different statement piece.

Vitra Slow Chair
Vitra Slow Chair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

5. Wallpaper
If you don’t want to brave an all-over shade, try a patterned wallpaper with a pink tone. We love this Timorous Beasties London Toile wallpaper in Red & Pink.

London Toile by Timorous Beasties
Pink Tones – Timorous Beasties London Toile Wallpaper

Think pink and have fun experimenting.

The team at Cimmermann

Wallpaper Trends

We are a nation of wallpaper lovers here in the UK and our passion for printed walls shows no sign of abating. As the season for cosy night in and festive gatherings there is no better time to update your wallpaper, giving a new lease of life to your furnishings. Many of us see our homes as an ongoing project and adding a new wallpaper is a cost-effective and easy way to create an updated look. So, if you have been bitten by the bug, here are some key wallpaper trends to try:

~ Living Room ~
Comfortable tones and flattering styles that will complement your other design pieces never go out of fashion. Floral is back with a bang; from the many stunning examples of retro botanicals on display at this year’s London Design Festival London Design Festival to more feminine and elegant designs over a muted background. Well-crafted floral wallpaper such as our superb Georgia Horton Follow Me range brings a freshness to your home just as much as a vase of the real things on the coffee table.

You should also have a mind towards monochrome walls that will help your furniture and homeware to stand out. These Jocelyn Warner and Timorous Beasties are distinctive and opulent, whilst keeping an intimate feel. 

Pastels remain popular, as do stripes, especially big bold slashes that fix the gaze. We’ve also seen interest in themed digital wallpapers such as skylines or photographic imagery – these have a wow factor, but trends like this often come and go pretty fast.

Monochrome Wallpaper
Jocelyn Warner Cascade Wallpaper
Wallpaper Trends - Timorous Beasties
Wallpaper Tends – Timorous Beasties Diamond Agate
Wallpaper Trends - Classic Retro
Orla Kiely Classic Retro – Wallpaper Trends

~ Bedroom ~
We’re seeing a move away from feature walls in bedrooms, as people look to paper whole rooms instead, giving a more serene, holistic feel. In smaller bedrooms especially this can have an overpowering effect, so take care in choosing a suitable design that will enhance your space rather than close it in. Choose your print according to room size – pair small spaces with small prints and larger rooms can take a larger print.

~ Nursery ~
In the nursery you need to strike the right balance between stimulation and relaxation – imagery works well so long as it’s not too loud. Illustrated nursery rhymes are a charming theme at the moment and there are some delightful designs around from specialist retailers. ~ Bathroom ~ Whilst wallpaper and flowing water are not traditionally a good mix, there are many splash-proof designs around. For the smallest room in the house you really want bright, airy colours and to avoid anything that brings the walls closer together. Powerful, striking colours really make an impact, but more sedate designs are also popular. Bear in mind that because you have only a small space to work with, colour co-ordination is key here.

~ Kitchen ~
This is the room many families spend most of their time in, so it’s important the wallpaper doesn’t jar with any running themes in furniture, cupboards or cookware. As ever, look for hard-wearing, wipe-clean paper. Trend Watch

~Embellished Walls~
Embellished walls are coming through strongly at the moment. People are looking for more detail in their wall coverings, and paper can be a big player in this scene, especially with the advent of digital-printing technologies that are allowing designers to move in unprecedented directions. Look for intricate patterns that catch the eye, as well as depth and texture, to give your home a unique appeal. For example, 3D effect wallpaper may have seemed outlandish until fairly recently, but if you want to make a statement then this could be a great option. Think natural stone; wood; or tile, and linear geometric shapes like this fantastic zebra print from Neisha Crosland. Textured grass wallpaper is also a classic look that is being widely-tipped for 2014.



Elle Decor

Go Wallpaper

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5 Things We Love About Vitra

Vitra the Swiss furniture giants are without doubt a favourite here at Cimmermann. Functional yet inspiring – engineering excellence fused with creative genius. Here are five things we love about them:

1.Design process

The Vitra production facilities combine engineering excellence and creativity of leading designers that marry together function, quality & inspiration. Eames, Citterio, Prouve, Jasper Morrison, Bouroullec Brothers and many more all contribute to Vitra producing the worlds most recognisable and desirable furniture. We were lucky enough to visit the Vitra Factory in October and witness first hand the degree of quality control, production testing and love that goes into each product. One room is called the furniture Torture room – imagine for yourself the stringent tests the furniture goes through in there!! We saw first hand the production of the Eames Lounge Chair, from the gluing of the springs that attach the wooden frame to the upholstered seat to the assembly of these components, all done with love by hand.

Vitra Eames Lounge Chairs
Eames Lounge Chairs waiting for assembly

2. Longevity – Design Classics

We all know and love the  DSW Chairs, Eames Lounge Chair, DSR Chairs – these are all Design Classics by Vitra. To us a Design Classic is a piece of furniture whose design has stood the test of time and looks as inspiring and beautiful as the day it was produced. Ray & Charles Eames are possibly the most prominent and inspirational designers, their furniture is so recognisable and without it furniture design would be different today – and to think their relationship with Vitra started in the 1950’s.

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
The sublime Vitra Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

3. Vitra Campus architecture

Our recent visit to the Vitra Campus allowed us to witness some amazing architecture. Rolf Felbaum the current Vitra CEO is so passionate about architecture he has recruited some of the worlds leading architects to design functional and inspiring building’s to house their production facilities, have their meetings in and showcase their furniture. Our favourite was the Zaha Hadid Fire Station or the Tadao Ando Conference Centre – both built with concrete but very different in their look and function. A real treat is the Frank Gehry building – curvy lines in abundance. The newest addition to the Vitra Campus is the SANAA Production facility, the exterior from a distance looks like a wavy fabric and shimmers a beautiful blue hue in the Swiss sunlight – simply stunning.

Vitra and SANAA
SANAA building on the Vitra Campus
Inside the Zaha Hadid Fire
Inside the Zaha Hadid Fire Station at Vitra HQ
aTadao Ando Conference Centre
Tadao Ando Conference Centre and Vegetal Chairs

4. Jean Prouve

Not so well known as Ray and Charles Eames but Jean Prouve was an astonishing designer. Prouve trained as a metal worker and was a self-taught architect and designer. His furniture designs can be quite raw and expose the workings down to their basic form. Prouve was born in 1901 in France, a major achievement of his was transferring manufacturing technology from industry to architecture and furniture, without losing aesthetic qualities. Vitra are lucky enough to work with his family and have the rights to produce and sell his furniture collection. The stand out pieces are the Standard and Standard SP Dining Chair, a beautiful combination of lacquered metal and rich wood colours. The perfect office desk for today’s laptop/tablet generation is the Compas Direction Desk, perfect in every way.

Vitra Compas Direction Desk by Jean Prouve
Vitra Compas Direction Desk in the Vitra Haus by Jean Prouve

5. The VitraHaus, Vitra’s flagship store

What more can be said about the stunning VitraHaus? Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, it is Vitra’s flagship store and home to the Vitra Home Collection. Here, you can view room sets in different design styles, which include both the great Vitra classics and the latest contemporary designs. The way the different houses seem to balance on one another is an architecture feat I think only Herzog & De Meuron know how to achieve. We would recommend a visit if you can, it is a treat for any architecture geek!

Vitra Haus
Vitra Haus, images courtesy of Dezeen
Vitrahaus roomset
Cool room set in the VitraHaus
Vitra is inspiring, no other company offers the range of products and the most unique base to create and display their stunning furniture.

The Team at Cimmermann