Harrogate – Visitors Guide

LeTour round the corner heres our guide

Harrogate is a beautiful Spa town in North Yorkshire, scattered in amongst its Victorian splendour there are some pretty cool places to go. Recently voted the happiest place to live in the UK, here’s some things that keep us happy –

Valley Gardens

An English Heritage Grade II Listed Garden situated in regal Low Harrogate, adjacent to a popular woodland known as The Pinewoods, it covers 17 acres. It includes beautiful historical buildings such as the Sun Pavilion and Colonnades which sit alongside a wide variety of shrub, flower and herbaceous beds. The gardens also include – outdoor games facilities a children’s play area for all ages, a skate park and the Magnesia Well Cafe. For music lovers, band concerts take place on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer.

Valley Gardens in Harrogate
Valley Gardens in Bloom


There are few lifestyles more appealing than the Scandinavian, where the cornerstones of existence are family, food, health, simple functional design and a laid back effortless cool. Baltzersen’s is a café that offers you the best Yorkshire sourced ingredients prepared with Scandinavian inspiration to deliver a taste of the Nordic north in relaxed and calm
surroundings. – See more at: http://www.baltzersens.co.uk/about/#sthash.Lu67Oc3r.dpuf
There are few lifestyles more appealing than the Scandinavian, where the cornerstones of existence are family, food, health, simple functional design and a laid back effortless cool. Baltzersen’s is a café that offers you the best Yorkshire sourced ingredients prepared with Scandinavian inspiration to deliver a taste of the Nordic north in relaxed and calm
surroundings. – See more at: http://www.baltzersens.co.uk/about/#sthash.Lu67Oc3r.dpuf

A Scandinavian inspired cafe that serves amazing food and drink. A particular favourite with the Cimmermann team are the Cinnamon Buns – delicious! Sourcing the best local ingredients they fuse together the taste of Scandinavia with the amazing produce of Yorkshire. If your into your music there is always a great selection playing in the background, with a playlist written up in marker pen on the ceramic tiled walls. Recently they opened their night restaurant – Norse , haven’t been yet but looks amazing and is fronted by ex Master Chef competitor Murray Wilson

Baltzersens Tiled Wall - how many coffees served!!!
Baltzersens Tiled Wall – how many coffees served!!!
Smoked Mackerel Pate - lovely!!!
Smoked Mackerel Pate – lovely!!!

Major Toms Social

A bar, cafe, retro shop all rolled into one. Offering beers from local brewers there are some real crackers on offer. To get to Major Toms you have to walk through a retro boutique called Space, always worth a look they have some great vintage items in.

Harrogate - Major Toms Social
Atom Beer from East Yorkshire on offer at Major Toms
Harrogate - Major Toms
Which one do you fancy?

Not much needs to be said about the institution of fine craft baking that is Bettys. The story of Bettys began in Harrogate in 1919 and they’ve been welcoming locals and visitors to their café tea rooms ever since. We recommend a good Fat Rascal or Vanilla Slice – heavenly!

Bettys Afternoon Tea in Harrogate
Bettys Afternoon Tea in Harrogate
Hales Bar

A unique bar in the heart of Harrogate. Its been there for years and is still gas-lit!!! Many stories are told about Hales bar – its always interesting put it that way!

Hales Bar
Hales Bar in Harrogate

Hope this guide has helped with some of the great things on offer in Harrogate.
There is a real buzz around the town with the Tour de France, it just so happens its whizzing past our shop on 5th July.

the Team at Cimmermann



Jens Risom

Mid-Century Master

Jens Risom, who was born in Copenhagen in 1916, describes himself as a Danish-born, American designer, not a Danish designer. His father Sven Risom was an award-winning architect and Risom says he lived with wonderful design for years before he “really got into it professionally.”
He attended the School for Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen where he became close to Hans Wegner, one of the few designers whose furniture he has in his own home. He trained under Kaare Klint, the principal founder of the furniture school at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In 1938, he left for the United States where he thought he’d have a better chance of making a name for himself. One of the first designers to bring the traditional Scandinavian values of function and craftsmanship to the United States, Risom was part of a new vanguard that helped establish post-war America’s leadership role in the world of modern furniture design and manufacturing.

At ninety-four years of age Jens Risom collaborated with Rocket and Benchmark, who jointly secured the European rights to reissue his 1950s and 1960s furniture designs.

This first collection of nine pieces has been creatively directed by Jonathan Stephenson of Rocket and made by Sean Sutcliffe and Terence Conran’s Benchmark Furniture company in their Dorset and Berkshire workshops – with the close involvement of Risom himself. These pieces are available in oak and walnut versions and are upholstered in a variety of Kvadrat fabrics and Elmo leathers. Some of the stunning range can be seen below.

Jens Risom - Desk and Chair
T742 Desk & Chair in stunning orange leather
T742 Desk by Rocket
Incredible detail and finish of the T742 Desk drawer
T742 Desk by Rocket
more detailing of the T742 desk
Jens Risom - U430 Chair
U430 Chair is a stunning piece of mid-century design
U430 Chair by Rocket
Detail of the U430 chair finished in oak
U430 Chair by Risom
walnut detailed arms on the U430 Chair by Risom
Jens Risom Furniture
U620 Bench in a variety of colours

The T742 Desk is our favourite, the leather top with the internal drawer is design genius.

We are pleased to be one of the exclusive stockists of Rocket / Risom furniture – we hope you love it as much as we do!

The Team at Cimmermann



Outdoor Dining

Our Top 5 Outdoor chairs for Summer

Summer is on it’s way and who doesn’t like a bit of Al Fresco dining. Check out our 5 favourite outdoor dining chairs –

1. Robin Day Polo Chair

A true Design Classic and at £80 for the 4 legged version it’s a steal. Available in 9 different shell colours and with different base options – there will be something for everyone.

Outdoor Dining - Polo Chair by Robin Day
Outdoor Dining – Polo Chair by Robin Day
Polo Chair by Robin Day
Check out the Polo Holes!

2. Kartell Masters Chair

The Hybrid Chair, Philippe Starck at his most inventive and creative. We love the Masters Chair, available in 6 different colours its a Summer winner from Kartell.

Kartell Masters Chair by Philippe Starck
Outdoor Dining – Kartell Masters Chair is a real favourite at Cimmermann

3. Vitra Vegetal Chair

The Vegetal looks as if its been grown outdoors. A unique chair with a very organic form, designed by the Bouroullec Brothers.

Outdoor Dining - Vitra Vegetal Chair
Vitra Vegetal amongst the Lemon groves!
Vitra Vegetal Chair
Wish you were there – I’ll take the Vegetal at the head of the table

4. Vitra Panton Chair

Who doesn’t know the iconic “S” shaped chair? A real classic and great for outdoor summer dining!

Design Classic - Panton chair can be used outside
Design Classic – Panton chair can be used outside
Vitra Panton Chair
Nobody does Outdoor Dining like Vitra !

5. Kartell Gnomes

If its fun your after look no further than the Kartell Gnome Family. Made up of stools and a table it really is a quirky take on Al Fresco dining, your guests will love it!

Kartell Gnomes
Attila the Gnome by Kartell, don’t drop my drink!
Kartell Gnome
Kartell Gnome by Philippe Starck

Here’s hoping for a cracking Summer – check out the Outdoor Section on our website for more inspiration.

The Team at Cimmermann

Robin Day – Designer in Focus

ROBIN DAY (1915 – 2010) and his textile designer wife LUCIENNE (1917 – 2010) transformed British design after World War II by pioneering a new modern idiom. He experimented with new materials in inexpensive furniture for manufacturers like Hille and more recently Loft.

As Britain’s most celebrated designer couple of the post-war era, Robin and Lucienne Day were – and are still – often compared to their US contemporaries, Charles and Ray Eames. However, their working practice was quite different. Whereas the Eames designed as a team, the Days mostly worked independently in separate fields. Placed side by side, Robin’s furniture and Lucienne’s furnishings are remarkably harmonious in ethos and aesthetic, reflecting the creative synergy between them. But it is important not to blur their identity and achievements. Assessed individually, the Days are both towering figures in their own right.

Like many architects and designers during the optimistic post-war period, the Days believed in the transformative power of modern design to make the world a better place. They rose to prominence during the 1951 Festival of Britain, which provided an ideal showcase for their talents. Lucienne’s arresting abstract-patterned textiles and wallpapers were displayed alongside Robin’s steel and plywood furniture in the Homes and Gardens Pavilion. Robin also designed the furniture for the Royal Festival Hall.

His furniture designs include the iconic Polo Chair. A true Design Classic, the Polo Chair with its many distinctive holes and range of bright colours. It is available with 4 different bases – the Skid BaseSled, 5 Star Office and 4 legged base versions. Available in 9 different shell colours and 4 different leg finishes it is also suitable for outdoor use. These chairs are still made in the UK on the original machine Robin Day designed in the 1970’s. Prices start from £80 which is amazing for such an iconic piece of furniture design.

Robin Day - Polo Chairs
Polo Chair in actors dressing rooms in an undisclosed location…
Polo Chair in restaurant setting
Polo chair is great for restaurant’s or cafes
Robin Day - Polo Chairs outdoors
Polo Chairs – perfect for the Outdoors
Polo chairs at the Barbican
Polo chairs and stools at the iconic Barbican in London
Robin Day Polo Chair and Vintage Desk
Polo Chair in Light Blue with a vintage desk – very cool
Polo Chairs in orange
Polo Chairs in orange
Polo Chairs
Retro looking yellow Polo Chairs – look at that floor, beautiful!

Few pieces of furniture combine the style and comfort of the Club Chair and Club Sofa. In 1962, Robin Day designed the Club range as Britains’ original “cube sofa” and the club chair was created as a modern take on the classic chesterfield design. The club range is 100% handmade in the UK.

Robin Day - Club 2 Seater Sofa
Club 2 Seater Sofa covered in Paul Smith fabric
Club sofa and footstool  by Robin Day
Club Sofa and footstool in green wool

Robin Day’s Leo chair gained iconic status when James Bond (Sean Connery) sat in one in the film You Only Live Twice (1967). The Leo chair and ottoman is made in England and is available in a range of leathers and fabrics.

Sean Connery in a Robin Day Leo Chair
Sean Connery in a Robin Day Leo Chair
Leo Chair and Ottoman on a swivel Base
Leo Chair and Ottoman on a swivel Base

Robin Day was more than a designer and we are proud to work closely with Loft to sell his designs to discerning buyers of all ages.

the team at Cimmermann


Design Museum

Barber Osgerby – Designer Profile

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby are internationally acclaimed designers who founded their eponymous studio Barber Osgerby in 1996 after graduating with Master’s degrees in Architecture from The Royal College of Art in London. From their first studio in Trellick Tower in London, they designed their first piece, the Loop Table, produced by Isokon in 1997. Much of Barber and Osgerby’s early work involved the folding and shaping of sheet material, influenced by the white card that they had used frequently in architectural model making.

With the Tab T light by Flos you can really see this. A quote from the designers – “The Tab lamp is a simple folded form, creating a visually pure shade that translates into a desk, and floor lamp.” The LED light used is one of the highest quality available and offers a great option for a desk, bedside table or side table.

Barber & Osgerby - Flos Tab T light
Flos Tab T light in black – simple and beautiful

A favourite new design of Barber & Osgerby is the Mariposa Sofa. It radiates an inviting aura of spacious comfort – and yet maintains a subtly understated presence thanks to its balanced proportions. The sofa owes its comfort, on the one hand, to the soft upholstery, which completely surrounds the sitter and prevents contact with any hard structural elements. On the other hand, an adjustment mechanism makes it possible to individually tilt the side and backrest elements for various sitting or reclining positions. The Mariposa Sofa does not openly display this function: the slim side and back elements can be continuously and silently adjusted, from an upright position to an outward angle of approximately 30° and back again. The resistance is calibrated in such a way that these elements stay in place when the sitter leans back in a normal fashion, but will adjust to the desired angle when intentional pressure is applied. This flexibility allows individual users to determine the position that is most comfortable for them. Thanks to the unusual depth of the seat surface, two people can sit on either end and comfortably face each other. Can’t wait to get one for the showroom, if you interested enquire with Matt now – matthew@cimmermann.co.uk

mariposa sofa
Beautiful Mariposa sofa for Vitra
Barber & Osgerby - mariposa sofa
Vitra Mariposa Sofa rear view
Barber & Osgerby - Milan 2014
Love the Pink sofa against the dark wood of the Planophore Shelving
Mariposa Sofa by Vitra
Flexible arms mean its easy to accommodate 2 people laid down on the Mariposa Sofa
Barber & Osgerby - Planophore Storage for Vitra
Planophore Storage for Vitra

Another favourite of ours is the Tipton chair by Vitra, it sets a new precedent in dynamic seating. Made from polypropylene TipTon has a unique leg design which enables the chair to be leaned forward so it gently stops in the forward position. This seat position has been confined to mechanical office chairs up to now but this simple device enables the hips and back to be tilted – thus improving blood flow. Tip Ton is formed from a single mould with no mechanical components – this makes it indestructible and 100% recyclable!

Vitra tipton Chair by Vitra
Vitra tipton Chair – love to be in this class at school!
Vitra tipton by Vitra
Vitra tipton looking great mixed with other Vitra chairs

Barber & Osgerby are fast becoming design legends with a portfolio of products and designs that are truly original and unique. We believe investing in one of their designs is investing in a future Design Classic.

The Team at Cimmermann