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Blogs are a way of life now. Inspiring, creative, informative… all words that describe the blogs we love. A good blog is full of great images and ideas that inspire and help creativity. Take a look through our favourites –


Dezeen is a superb blog giving you all the latest news for the Design and Architectural world.

Abigail Ahern

Designer, style maven and author Abigail Ahern is recognised amongst design aficionados and  devotees alike for her enchanting take on interiors. She is an influential tastemaker highly acclaimed for her trend setting designs that are synonymous with glamour, eclecticism and wit.

Walnut Grey

Gerard is a blogger for his online zine, Walnut Grey Design. He writes intelligently about ‘good design’ from the viewpoint of interiors, architecture, objects and lifestyle. He is a specialist on modern contemporary and midcentury Nordic, British and Irish design.

Breathe Happiness

Breathe Happiness is a lifestyle blog aimed at women. This is a place for inspiration, creativity, honesty and sharing. They love interiors, social media, fashion, and great photography.  You will also find posts about children, family life and juggling all of the above.

My Scandinavian Home

Inspiring Scandinavian interiors from a London girl in Sweden you could say luck’s on her side! Her weekday home tours are fantastic

Happy Interior Blog

Igor is the creator of Happy Interior Blog. No matter where he is, hes blogs about everything that inspires him for a happy home. This blog is a communication platform and invite’s you to comment and interact with Igor and other readers.

The Swelle Life

The Swelle Life is a collection of beautiful things to see, ponder, explore and wear. And eat.

Bright Bazaar

Some really cool articles, features and stunning photography

Hope our selection of amazing blogs has inspired you.

The Team at Cimmermann

String Shelving – Modern since 1949

The String ® system was designed in 1949. Over 60 years it has evolved from being a ground-breaking concept to becoming one of the most loved pieces of classic Scandinavian design. Each component of the system is so well thought through that there is an almost infinite variety of combinations. thanks to the slim panels it’s possible to create a shelf large enough for any number of books and objects that still looks light. The components are available in a range of colours and materials, yet the measurements are fixed and have never been altered. that’s why a String ® shelf can always be rebuilt, reinvented and transformed.

The designer Nils Strinning was born in Kramfors and came from a Swedish family with origins in the 18th Century.  He designed the String Shelving system in 1949 for a contest initiated by Bonnier public library. In the 1940s, he studied architecture at the  Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH).  In 1952 he founded the two companies String Design AB and Swedish Design AB. Together with his wife, he designed many plastic items in 1960 – and 1970’s.

This year sees an addition to the range – the “Shelf Bowl” its perfect for storing those things you never seem to find a place for.

String Shelving
New String Shelving system featuring the new “Bowl Shelf”

String Shelving - Shelf Bowl
Shelf Bowl – perfect for your plants
String - Shelf Bowl
Flexible use for the new Shelf Bowl

String also has a smaller brother called String Pocket. Truly flexible system made up with 2 wall panels and 3 shelves. Available in 10 different colours they can be built up to create some truly unique configurations.

Configuration of String Pocket finished in copper
Configuration of String Pocket finished in copper
String Pockets - colour and flexibility
String Pockets – colour and flexibility

String Shelving is a true Design Classic. Its flexibility and modularity are so appealing it features in 3 rooms in the Cimmermann household.

The Team at Cimmermann

Crafty design projects for kids

Keep the kids occupied this half term with some crafty design ideas

It can be difficult to think of things to keep the little ones busy over the half term so why not try some crafting with these simple, cool creative projects.  Just reach for some scrap cardboard, tape and scissors.

Blackboard wall
Find a spot for a blackboard.  A full wall or a simple square or a couple of stripes….. get creative.  You can use it to practice writing, do some drawing, stick stickers on or all of these!


Milk carton boats
Recycle milk or juice cartons into cool boats for a boat race! Decorate with their favourite colours and start the race with some of their favourite toys at the wheel.  Follow easy instructions on
milk carton boat

Cardboard houses
Create a little den of their own either a collapsible version if you are strapped for space or create a couple of difference size versions to make their own tiny town.

diy cardboard house

Collapsible cardboard house full instructions on

Cardboard Bed
Whip up a cardboard bed for their favourite teddy or doll and if you’re all feeling really crafty make miniature bedding and cushions. Follow the simple instructions on


Miniature House
Get the paints out and make a mini house for them become the interior designer! Follow the instructions on
cardboard houseHappy crafting – email us your designs and we will put them on here –

The Team at Cimmermann

Spring, add a little sunshine

Spring Interiors
Spring – brighten up your interior with our inspiring moodboards

Inject a little bit of spring sunshine to your home to make you smile and escape all the miserable weather, here’s a few ideas….

a) add a cluster of light’s with muuto’s e27 light
b) put some spring flowers in a beautiful muuto vase
c) inject a splash of poppy red with a vitra eames DSR chair
d) add a pop of colour on your sofa with hay puzzle cushions
e) arrange some bright colours on a string pocket

Add these simple but effective additions to your interior to make a real difference and brighten up your life!

The Team at Cimmermann

Eames Plastic Chairs – DSW, DSR, DAW

Eames plastic Chairs – DSW,  DSR, DAW

The Plastic Chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames are renewed versions of the legendary Fibre-glass Chairs. The original, which was the very first industrially produced plastic chair, was jointly developed with Zenith Plastics for the ‘Low-Cost Furniture Design’ competition organised by the Museum of Modern Art. In the current version made of polypropylene, these chairs provide even greater comfort.

Eames DSR Dining Chairs
what a setting and a beautiful set of Eames DSR dining chairs
Designed on 1950 and with its simple organic shape, the Plastic Side Chair now seems like an archetype of the genre of chairs whose shell can be combined with numerous bases. The selection of bases makes it possible to use the chairs in a wide variety of settings: from the dining room or home office to the garden.

Often copied but never bettered an authentic Eames plastic chair should be stamped with the Vitra brand mark. The shape of the shell is designed with the ergonomics of the body in mind and has a slight rock on it when you lean back making it ever so comfortable, you really won’t want to get out of it. The finish of the shell is a beautiful Matt finish and this year saw the launch of a new Basalt grey colour.

Eames DSR Vitra
Eames DSR with the Vitra mark of Authenticity on the underside of the seat
There are several versions but the most popular is the DSR – dining seat rod and is often referred to as the Eiffel Tower base. The base of DSR is available in chrome or powder-coated. A close second in popularity is the DSW base dining seat wood. This year saw the launch of two new base colours – dark maple and black maple.

Vitra Eames DSW
The stunning Vitra DSW with the Yellowish Maple legs

DAR and DAW armchair versions are also available and offer a more carver/armchair option. The full range of Eames plastic chairs are now available with seat upholstery or full upholstery.
Whether your a wood or chrome leg  fan the DSR and DSW are chairs with a real history and pedigree that only comes when great minds the likes of Vitra and Charles and Ray Eames collaborate.

Eames Palstic Chairs
Selection of the extensive range of upholstered Eames Plastic Chairs available
Charles & Ray Eames feature among the most important figures of twentieth century design. They boast accomplishments in the fields of furniture design, film-making, photography and exhibition design. Vitra is the only company authorised to manufacture their products for Europe and the Middle East; with Vitra, you can therefore be sure of owning an original Eames.

Eames DSW Chair
Eames DSW chair – fancy a swim!!
An Eames plastic chair is a true design classic and always remember – “Fight the Fakes” the original is a bit more expensive for a reason – design, quality, ergonomics and the knowledge your sitting on product that will look as good in 50 years time as it does today.
DSR certainly gets a thumbs up from the cimmermann team, they proudly sit around our ercol dining table at home and are truly loved!

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