Beds – Our Favourites

Choosing a bed is a very important decision, you spend most of you life in bed!!!

We try to help by giving you a list of our favourites from a practical and design persperctive.

SCP Oscar Bed

The Oscar bed by Matthew Hilton strikes a pleasing balance between modernity and tradition, large in size yet light in appearance. The bed is made from a European hardwood frame covered with a mix of latex, natural fibres, wool & recycled wool and features two slatted mattress bases. The feet are made from walnut stained beech, with the front two being turned versions. By contrasting long straight lines with delicate natural curves, Hilton has created a piece that is both reserved and full of humility. Oscar is a piece perfect for those who like their modernity laced with a little familiarity.

SCP Oscar Bed
SCP Oscar – a mix of contemporary and traditional
Bed - SCP Oscar
SCP Oscar – detailed walnut turned legs
Punt Mobles Pepperland

Pepperland is a metal panel available in 2 different sizes and 9 different lacquer finishes. It is perfect as a bedhead or even as a noticeboard. It comes with a variety of magnetised accessories/stickers. Very original and cool design, the light and table that can be attached and another design dimension.

Punt Pepperland
Punt Pepperland headboard and some of the available magnetic stickers
Punt Pepperland
Cool green colour of the magnetic headboard on Pepperland with available table and light

Pianca Impunto

Impunto is a cool bed from Pianca whose main feature is the randomly placed buttoned headboard. The base is a valance style in the same material as the headboard. Sleek Italian design at its best. Available in many sizes, fabrics and with storage it is truly a flexible and practical bed.

Pianca Impunto
Pianca Impunto, amazing detail on the soft padded headbaord
Impunto by Pianca
Impunto very sleek yet inviting in white leather


Loop is made from sectional iron,a surplus material from industrial production. The bed was originally designed for and produced by the Copenhagen furniture store LLLP in the late 1980’s but was added to the HAY collection in 2003. Loop underscores the HAY philosophy of creating elementary and functional quality furniture covering basic human needs, sleeping eating and making love. With its strict and uncomplicated design the bed has gained high popularity in its hometown acquiring the nick name The Copenhagener bed. The Loop bed is so simple and cool, perfect for creating that Scandinavian look.

HAY Loop
HAY Loop so simple, made of steel available in white or black
HAY Loop
HAY Loop Bed, perfect to be used as a day bed

George Nelson V-Leg Case Study Bed
A benchmark for superior craftsmanship, The Case Study Bed® adheres to the highest standards of workmanship and genuine materials. Designed by Modernica Studios and built by Modernica’s master builders, this bed is the perfect definition of form follows function.

The superstructure of the bed and the headboard are built with a solid one-and-a-half-inch thick laminated hardwood. And each bed is engineered and built with six, rather than the standard four-legs. These additional legs add a remarkable overall-strength and sturdiness to the bed, which makes for a peaceful nights sleep. The mattress sits directly on the platform which is built with two zinc-plated perforated steel inserts. These perforated inserts allow the mattress to breathe naturally ― thus eliminating the need for a standard conventional box spring. The Case Study Bed is engineered to provide a lifetime of outstanding durability, while maintaining a modern, elegant look for your home.

George Nelson V Leg Bed
V Leg Bed so simple, the legs look as if they cant take the weight of the bed
V Leg Bed
Close up of the George Nelson V Leg, love the plywood edge

A good guide to getting a good nights sleep is available from the Sleep Council of Great Britian, check it out when you buy your next bed.

The Team at Cimmermann

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Scandinavian Style Uncovered

“Beautiful things that make your life better” – An Underlying Concept of Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian style is an enduring design movement that we love. It’s all about clean lines, natural fabrics and a simple approach to modern living.

At its core, Scandinavian Design is about survival. The long hours of darkness in the winter months, the scarcity of raw materials, and, often harsh conditions in the far north are key to understanding this movement’s themes of minimalism, simplicity, and above all functionality.

Ikea Kitchen
Ikea Kitchen – sums up  minimialism, simplicity and functionality styled up with plywood worktop and simple tiles
A growing post-war influence

Scandinavian design began to grow in influence from the 1950s to today. Its characteristics are instantly recognizable; a common look across architecture, furniture, fashion and textiles.

Reflecting the spread of social-consciousness in these countries post-war, Scandinavian style has democratic principles at its heart – making high-quality design available to the masses, through the use of low-cost materials such as wood and plastics, and the mass production methods that were becoming more widely-used by the middle of the 20th century.

Scandinavian Style - Cool Kitchen
Cool Scandinavian Kitchen with a great mix of materials
Scandinavians spend a lot of time at home to escape the darkness and cold outside, so the design aesthetic is dedicated to making the domestic environment as comfortable and easy as possible, and to bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

There are plentiful institutions and awards bodies, which promote Scandinavian design and encourage innovation, and many of its brands have now become global household names.


Some of the best-known proponents of modern Finnish style are bringing the traditions of 1950s modernism into the 21st century with enviable success. As an indication of its importance, a government programme called Wasp works with Finnish schools to deliver architectural and design education, and awareness of professional roles.

Style Focus: Marimekko

Defined by its creator as “a cultural phenomenon guiding the quality of living,” this major design company now has an outlet on 5th Avenue in New York. Marimekko’s ethos is driven by authenticity and a refusal to follow trends for the sake of it. Their patterned fabrics were hugely influential in the 1960s, and Marimekko designs have been worn by Jackie Onassis, and Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

Scandinavian Style - Marimekko Unikko
The Marimekko Unikko Fabric – a true Design Classic
Scandinavian Style - Marimekko
White, calming and simple – Scandinavian Style by Marimekko

Swedish style is very light and soothing, and although the furniture of IKEA often takes centre-stage, it should be noted that glassware, textiles and ceramics, as well as industrial design, are also extremely popular. There are nearly 3000 design firms in Sweden, dotted around the country, and the industry has seen massive growth over the last two decades.

Style Focus: IKEA

There are five components to IKEA’s democratic design process: Form, Function, Sustainability, Quality and Low Price. One of the world’s most well-known furnishings brands, which uses 1% of the Earth’s wood supply, they conduct many home visits every year to learn about people’s needs, the better to inform their design decisions. Many of their flat-packed self-assembly products, with their clean, simple lines, have gone on to become iconic.

Ikea Favourite Products
Iconic Ikea Products, some real classics that when mixed with more designer lead furniture can be exceptional


For many years in the shadows, Norway is now a rising star of Scandi Style, due to an emerging breed of extremely talented young designers, and a government-backed effort to promote the country’s design industry to business. A recent innovation is Cinsona Packaging, created to help ensure medicines are not used incorrectly – a perfect example of functionality in design.

Style Focus: Variér

Originally part of the famous Stokke AS group, Variér is now a well-established brand in its own right. The company manufactures modern chairs which are notable for possessing unconventional styles but also incorporating ergonomic design to encourage movement whilst sitting. They pioneered the now widely-used kneeling chair, which reduces tension in the upper body.


Danish design was heavily influenced by the German Bauhaus movement, with industrial elements and hand-crafted styles prominent. There are numerous design museums throughout Denmark showcasing its proud history. Again with simplicity and function at its core, a vital example of Danish design is the Sydney Opera House (designed by legendary architect Jorn Utzon), a ground-breaking structure recognisable around the world.

Sydney Opera House designed by Jorn Utzon
Sydney Opera House designed by Jorn Utzon

Style Focus: Verner Panton

Like his countryman Arne Jacobsen, this Danish interior and furniture designer was controversial in his own time, but his works continue to have mass appeal and are still in production today. Working with vibrant, colourful stylistic flourishes and a Modernist approach to materials including hardened plastic, his masterpiece, the stackable “S” chair, has gone on to become a design classic.

Panton Chair
Vitra Verner Panton Chair, very simple and so recognisable.

Scandinavian Style is timeless and easy to achieve – Happy Scandi-designing

The Team at Cimmermann


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Kartell – Plastic Fantastic

Kartell is an Italian company that makes and sells plastic contemporary furniture. The company, based in Milan, began manufacturing automobile accessories in 1949. It expanded into home furnishings in 1963. Kartells main aim and challenge was to introduce plastic to the home and to replace glass with plastic, not only for the home but for laboratory equipment.

In 1999 Kartell opened their very own museum to highlight and document the technology and rich history of their product design.

Kartell’s ethics are all about pushing the boundaries with what can be done with plastic. The combination of World famous designers who collaborate with Kartell to acheive this, include Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Antonio Citterio, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders, Vico Magistretti and Maarten Van Severen.

Some of our stand out products from the Kartell range are shown below.

Kartell Taj Mini
Kartell Taj Mini lights, LED touch technology at its best

The Taj Mini light introduced to the collection in 2103 features a touch dimmer on the head of the curve that controls and allows you to dim the LED light. A simple yet stunning design available in 7 different colours.

Cool Kitchen
Sleek Italian Kitchen with Kartell Masters Chairs and TopTop table designed by Philippe Starck

One of our favourite products is the Masters Dining chair. A powerful tribute to the three chair symbol, re-read and re-interpreted by the creative genius of Philippe Starck. The “Series 7” or Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen, The “Tulip Armchair” by Eero Saarinen and the “DSR” or Eiffel Tower Chair by Charles and Ray Eames interweave their unmistakable silhouettes into a sinuous hybrid giving life to a fusion of original and engaging styles. Amazing design with the chair having a special finish making it feel velvety and sensual to the touch. The Masters Chair was honoured with the prestigious “2010 Good Design Award” presented by the Chicago Athenaeum – Museum of Architecture and Design. Masters Chair is light, practical, comes in 6 colours, can be stacked and used outdoors.

Louis Ghost Chair and Jolly Table by Kartell
Louis Ghost Chair and Jolly Table by Kartell

One of the most recognisable products is the Louis Ghost Chair designed by Philippe Starck. Louis Ghost Transparent dining chair is an icon of modern day furniture design. Reinventing the classic Louis XV armchair for Kartell, the playful Louis Ghost Armchair is typical of Philippe Starcks imagination and Kartells skill with creating amazing furniture. Louis Ghost can be stacked upto 6 chairs high and can be used indoor or outdoor. Available in 2 solid Glossy colours or 6 equally stunning Transparent colours.

Bourgie Light
Bourgie Light looks striking against this zingy wallpaper

Bourgie is one of Kartells best sellers, becoming an icon of Modern Lighting design. Kartells skill with this light is combining classic style, richness and tradition with innovation and irony. The baroque style base is composed of 3 interconnecting decorated layers, while the large lampshade is made with a pleated effect to create a myriad play of reflections when the light is turned on. The lampshades unique attachment system lets the user set the height to 3 different settings – 68, 73 or 78cm.

Kartell Products
Iconic Kartell products including Bookworm, Attila the Gnome, Eros, Bubble, Spoon Chair, Comback ….

Watch some interesting videos about Kartell products on the their YouTube channel by clicking here.

With over 60 years trading Kartell are a giant in Italian furniture and lighting design. Buying a piece of Kartell means your being into a special and rich history…. We love Kartell!!!

The Team at Cimmermann

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